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Wealth Management 

Wealth Management 

You want your wealth to grow.   
So do we.


We work exclusively with high-net-worth clients to build personalized investment portfolios designed to perform. Our decades of investment experience had laid the groundwork for long-term success in investing. 

We’ll evaluate all your investments for their suitability, economic value, and tax consequences. We’ll custom design your investment portfolios that support your needs, your timeline, and your propensity for risk. With a clear strategy, you’ll know where you’re headed and how you’re getting there.

Wealth Management Services

  • A portfolio strategy tailored to your evolving needs, powered by in-house research, a tax sensitive approach, and protected by 3 levels of active risk management.
  • Protect & diversify concentrated stock positions while managing taxes
  • Regular communication with your adviser and personal portfolio manager, making adjustments to ensure your portfolio performance over time and to your plan.
  • AccessMyPortfolio dashboard, advanced reporting and more
  • Investment allocation to your employer-provided retirement plan
  • Fee based accounts with a fiduciary responsibility to you
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Personal Trust Services

Personal Trust Services

Is your wealth positioned to transfer the way you want? 


A personal trust truly is an opportunity for you to determine the future direction of your assets—directing how wealth is distributed over generations, shaping investment and tax strategies to help maximize value, and keeping personal information private.

We work with the following types of trusts (both revocable and irrevocable): credit shelter/marital, testamentary trusts, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, generation-skipping trusts.

Investment services

We provide investment advisory and management services to Trustees:

  • Custom Portfolio Design
  • Proposal and Investment Policy Statement
  • Regular communication with your adviser and portfolio manager
  • Advanced Performance Reporting on Demand
  • Advanced Tax reporting on Demand

We use SEI Private Trust (SPTC) to provide administrative and reporting services. SPIC can also serve as agent for a trustee, investment directed trustee and discretionary trustee.

Administrative services

  • Custodian of assets
  • Fiduciary record keeping
  • Collect/distribute income
  • Payment to beneficiaries where required by the trust agreement
  • Bill payment
  • Full responsibility for compliance 
  • Quarterly and annual statements of holdings and transactions
  • Annual tax information letter to trust beneficiaries

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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Having a Plan Makes all the Difference 


Do you have a big picture plan for your future? We ask the right questions to ensure that you have everything in order and design a plan that’s built for you and your loved ones—providing asset protection and wealth accumulation strategies during your working years and cash flow distribution strategies for retirement.


We build a plan to help your investments, retirement pension, and social security benefits work together to provide the income needed to meet your retirement income goals. Your goals drive retirement planning; our expertise helps you achieve it. Here’s how:

  • Design and implement strategies to fund your needs and maintain a comfortable standard of living
  • Choosing optimal savings and distribution goals for retirement plans
  • Proactive tax minimization recommendations working with your personal CPA & legal professionals for non-retirement plans
  • Examination of insurance coverage gaps to protect against avoidable risk
  • Advising on Social Security and Medicare benefits
  • Providing IRA expertise – beneficiary analysis, inherited IRAs, etc.
  • On-line Wealth Management System for visual presentation of financial data, goals, plan and decision making. 
  • Monte Carlo Stress testing the plan to "what if" scenarios to assure a high probability of success  
  • Aggregated account information for an all-in-one financial picture powered by automatically updated data
  • Document storage and collaboration tools, including screen share
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Personal Risk Management 

Personal Risk Management 

Do you have a big picture plan for your future?


We ask the right questions to ensure that you have everything in order and design a plan that’s built for you and your loved ones—providing asset protection during your working years and supplemental, tax-favored income for retirement.


Income Protection: Protect your income as you would any other valuable asset—like your home or estate—by designing life and disability insurance policies to provide for you and your loved ones if the unexpected happens.

Retirement: While life insurance provides incredible value to surviving families, it can also be a tax-protected asset during one’s lifetime. Life insurance can be structured to offer liquid cash value for important milestones like college education, emergencies, and supplemental retirement income during your golden years. Let’s explore your options and ensure that you don’t outlive your assets.

Long Term Care Planning: Americans are living longer, resulting in an ever-increasing need for long-term care. We want you and your loved ones to have a plan in the place for the future. There are various options and products to consider, let’s navigate them together.

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Family Estate & Legacy Planning

Family Estate & Legacy Planning


What does your legacy look like today? What about tomorrow?

We strive to create wealth transfer strategies with an evergreen goal of minimizing taxes, so that you can maximize the transfer of wealth and legacy to future generations.

Estate Tax Funding: Creating a plan that meets your objectives and provides the liquidity for estate taxes to ensure that what you put together, stays together for the next generation.

Legacy Planning: What will become of what you’ve created and how do you transfer those values and family principles on to the next generation? This is important stuff. Let’s work with your advisors and create a unique plan that suits you and your family.

Charitable Planning: Design a personalized plan that focuses on meeting the charitable giving objectives that matter to you most.

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