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Risk Number Analysis

<strong>Do&#160;you truly know your tolerance for risk?</strong>&#160;

Do you truly know your tolerance for risk? 

Most investors do not have a clear sense of how to quantify their own risk tolerance or how to measure the risk of their current portfolio.  Many investors don’t understand how their assets could be impacted by an increase in interest rates, a large sell-off in the stock market or another major financial crisis. 

The Risk Number is a proprietary scaled index developed by Riskalyze to reflect a risk score for both your unique investor risk tolerance.

Riskalyze, based in Northern California, provides the tools to our firm to capture a quantitative measurement of investor risk tolerance. Their unique and patented Risk Fingerprint technology is a purely quantitative approach, built on the academic framework that won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2002. (Known as the “Prospect Theory”, it was developed in 1992 by Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky as a psychologically more accurate description of decision making by modeling real-life choices.)

How about we remove all of that subjectivity and let the math speak for itself.