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Trust Management

We can work closely with your legal team and also act as the investment manager for assets held in a trust. We carefully develop and manage personalized plans to carry out grantors' intentions and serve beneficiaries' needs.

  • A Revocable Living Trust can help you manage your wealth during your lifetime and can provide care for you should you become incapacitated
  • An Irrevocable Trust is created to preserve the wishes of the grantor as he or she sees fit permanently.
  • A Trust in Your Will allows a trustee to manage your wealth and provide benefits, as you direct, to your spouse and heirs
  • A Charitable Trust lets you to make gifts to charities that are important to you, while generating significant tax savings and providing current benefits to you and your family
  • An Educational Trust is created to provide for the educational future of a loved one

We can help guide you through the nuances of personal trusts.