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Our Services

Our main focus is helping you take care of yourself, your family, your business, your trusts and foundations. We want to learn about your personal situation, identify your dreams and goals, and understand your tolerance for risk. Long-term relationships that encourage open and honest communication have been the cornerstone of our success.

Our Approach

If you're investigating wealth managers, you've probably noticed very comparable lists of services. So much so, you might think we're all the same. Not even close. Our goal is to discover what you really want by asking questions and listening to your needs, wants and wishes so we can help create a plan that matches you. Together we will create a plan to implement your goals and financial objectives.

Financial Planning

We believe the best advice we can give people is in the context of a holistic financial plan. A financial plan is a puzzle. Let us help you put the pieces together so your desired picture can become a reality.

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Investment Management

For us, goals always come first and investments come second. If you're like other wealthy individuals, you might be surprised at the gap between your goals and the wealth you've set aside to attain them. Having clearly defined goals is what anchors your investment decisions. We can help you make those decisions.

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Insurance may be both the largest assets within your estate and the best defense of your estate. Whether you need income protection, such as life insurance, or you want to ensure that you are taken care of through long term care insurance we can help. We will also help review how your other insurance products support your overall financial plan.

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Business Services

We are passionate about working with businesses and business owners. With so many moving parts and changing aspects, it can be scary to be in charge of a 401(k) plan. We can help you look at several important aspects of your plan: managing risk, participant satisfaction, plan fees, and plan administration. Find out more about our services.

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Estate and Legacy Planning

You may want to structure your estate with a goal of minimizing tax liabilities and maximizing value to future generations and your favorite charitable causes. Our team will work with your attorney and accountant to develop a plan of action and coordinate it with your accounts, investments and insurance contracts. Together we'll help you implement a sound financial plan.

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Trust Management

Learn about some of the ways a trust could benefit you, those you love, and the great causes you support.

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