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You have very important people to protect. 

A friend, John and his family were on a road trip. As they were cruising down the road a bag fell out of the back of their truck. John pulled off to the side of the road to retrieve the bag. As he crossed the highway he was hit by a car. Unfortunately, John died, leaving his family with no income as his wife had been at home raising their children. However, John had planned ahead. His family was provided for because John had life insurance.

We have seen those closest to us who self insure go from being "well off" to relying on social services. One catastrophic event can turn your world upside down. Illness, accidents, even the expected passing of a loved one can have a large impact. Your financial plan should offer protection for you and your family.

Insurance planning is an integral part of a sound financial plan and can be the key to health and longevity for you and your family. We can review your current insurance and determine whether or not the coverage is too much, too little, or just right. 

We specialize in: life insurance, disability income insurance, and long term care insurance.
We review your: property, casualty, umbrella, health, and group policies as part of your financial plan.

As your life changes and your financial plan progresses, we will review your insurance to see if your coverage needs changed and confirm that your policies are healthy.

Life Insurance

It may be one of the largest assets within an estate – whether owned by an individual, business, or part of an overall estate and business succession plan. Some insurance policies can be improved upon. We believe in teaching and showing you the benefits of coverage. We've been around the block and we know insurance. Let us help you.