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Additional Services

Investment management and financial planning offered through United Planners Financial Services.

More About Investment Management Services

  • Highly personalized service
  • Identify investment objectives and risk tolerances
  • Develop formal investment plan including setting goals and recommending portfolio structure designed for your specific needs and objectives
  • Independent and Objective review of products and services in the marketplace
  • Review and analysis of existing investments
  • Review of your tax return
  • Ongoing monitoring of specific goals and objectives and implementation of any necessary plan changes
  • Quarterly update and education meetings
  • Access to institutional investment programs not available directly to most individual investors
  • Access to a world-class team of professional money managers
  • Systematic portfolio rebalancing

More About Financial Planning

  • Targeted or comprehensive financial planning which includes investments, retirement plans, taxes, insurance, and estate planning.
  • Close monitoring and control over investment costs
  • Customized, easy to understand asset reporting monitored versus multiple goals
  • Comprehensive account aggregation for your family’s entire financial life
  • Ongoing evaluation of results and performance
  • Remain “in touch” with changes in global capital markets and communicate any significant events in an understandable and timely fashion
  • Make use of new research findings and technology to deliver as efficient an experience as possible
  • Collaborative management of all aspects of your financial wellness