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Your 5 POINT Journey to Advice

This might be surprising, but it's the wealthy who need financial life planning the most. Money is a tool. The more you have the bigger impact you can make for yourself, your family and community. At the same time, the more you have, the more complex money becomes.

Simplifying money by design is the pursuit of removing the complexity of money with wise financial life solutions that are visually interactive, simple to understand and easy to embrace. Your journey to advice begins with our 5 POINT planning process, hence our name.

During this meeting, we clarify your beliefs, values and vision. There are many inherited beliefs and events from the past that have shaped your subconscious approach to financial decision making. By leading you and your partner through a few short exercises, we will get a better idea of your money stories and aspirations, which will ultimately help you view and utilize your money as a tool for reaching your goals. We'll also obtain a clear picture of your resources from an asset-based, time and human capital perspective to begin assessing your circumstances.

As we build context around each of your goals and resources, we will begin to develop a clearer perspective for what needs to be done to achieve them. If there’s anything standing in the way, we will help you address the issue. You’ll have complete clarity about your risks as well as your opportunities. We work to help you discover your true gifts to live your dreams.

With the DNA of the plan based on your values and goals, we craft a narrative vision for your financial future, a numbers-based plan and a strategy to implement it. All of this will form the foundation for managing different chapters in your life, like buying a new home, beginning a new career, transitioning into retirement or leaving a legacy with ease. Your plan is on-line and dynamically updating your position every day making it easy to do a deep dive anytime.

Here is where your vision becomes real. Following a path determined by your desired options, we get to work in a disciplined and responsible environment, always ensuring that the elements of your program remain constant with your life's goals. We know the complexity of implementing a comprehensive plan, which is why we take that chore off your hands. Our white-glove implementation process includes managing all paperwork, processing, and follow-up to make sure all gets done. Sit back and relax as your professionals do their job.

We are there for you, helping you to anticipate life’s inevitable changes. When change does happen, we are prepared to help with the unexpected, and ready to recommend options for adjusting your financial life program, ensuring that it continually supports the way you want to live. Our service delivery is pro-active and timely. We want your experience to be valuable, yet effortless. After the initial planning, we meet quarterly in the first year to fine tune your program. 

Our process is to cover a comprehensive approach to keep you informed and engaged. Based on your complexity, we will arrange further implementation meetings that may include:

  • Investment Meetings

    Your needs, values and goals will always serve as the backbone of the investment design. We conduct a Galaxy Analysis or your investments, so you're clear on the basics including defining stocks and bonds, inflation, compound growth, asset location and asset allocation. We will then agree on the structure of your portfolio(s), so that assets are moving you more efficiently towards your long-term goals.

  • Cash Flow Planning Meetings

    The objective of these meetings is to help you improve your mindfulness about your spending habits. We will explore your weekly and monthly cash flow, and assess whether it aligns with your needs, goals, values and vision. If you need structure in you spending and saving habits, we help you implement a cash flow system to supports prioritization and awareness. It will also be automatic and easy to maintain through our wealth management system.  Our aim is to help you feel confident to your lifestyle today, while putting enough money aside for your future.

  • Gathering Your Financial Team

    Working with our trusted colleagues and/or your established partners, we will coordinate your financial team and keep them aligned around a collaborative approach to reach your goals. Your team members may include your tax advisor, bookkeeper, mortgage broker, realtor, banker, estate planning lawyer, and charities.

  • Tax Planning Meetings

    We meet annually with your Certified Public Accountant, Enrolled Agent or Tax Preparer to collaborate a tax plan that compliments your short and long-term goals. We will integrate your financial planning, investment management and tax planning to take advantage of current tax laws to minimize your taxes.

  • Risk & Transition Planning Meetings

    Few things bring as much peace of mind as having the right financial safety-net in place to protect your assets against anticipated and unexpected future events.  Working with our independent insurance brokerage, we will develop a plan to help you carry less stress around unexpected events such as disability, premature death, and caring for you and your family during elderhood. We will find the right product solution that fits your needs as life unfolds and your needs evolve.

  • Estate Planning & Aging Meeting

    One of the most significant gifts you can give your loved ones is clarity about what you want as you age and when you die.  We believe you plan with your family, not at them. We will collaborate with your estate planning lawyer to review or create estate documents (your will, powers of attorney, beneficiary designations, advanced directives and trusts) that articulate what you want and make it easier for your loved ones to carry out your wishes.

  • Philanthropy & Charitable Giving Meeting

    There is a clear distinction between plenty and enough. Charitable giving can fund your most cherished causes (see giving back), open new ways and new answers with your family about financial values and be a practical aspect of your state and federal estate tax planning. We connect with local philanthropic organizations to help translate your intents. We explore whether annual giving, capital contributions, a donor advised fund, or a family foundation could maximize your impact. 

  • Quarterly review meetings

    After the first year we will schedule review meetings on a timeline that fits your schedule: These meetings are all about monitoring your investments and stress testing your plans progress and financial well-being. We believe quarterly meetings are best for the first year, and then adjust to your wishes and time available. Our meetings serve to incorporate recent life changes into your plan as your life unfolds and your needs evolve. We will review your financial state of health, investments, cash flow, insurance, estate and charitable giving to make sure your financial life continues as planned.

  • On-call, webinar & email support

    We've got your back. We are your first point of contact when you’re making big financial decisions, whether it’s about holding a concentration in company stock awards, when to retire (or rewire), social security, how to fund long term care, charitable trusts, and other decisions that take planning and money to accomplish.  As you need support throughout the year, we are available by phone, webinar or in-person, and respond to email within two business days.