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Our Clients


Whether you are an individual, family, executive, or own a business, managing your financial health has grown more complex. Your financial portfolio should be aligned with your unique objectives. We recognize that the financial roadmap for each of our client’s is as custom and complex as each of their unique stage in life, histories and life stories.

Individuals & Families

Our clients come from all walks of life and have distinctive backgrounds. Each has one thing in common. They are seeking guidance to manage their financial lives better.

Transitions are part of life and can get very complicated and overwhelming. Think of career changes, the rising cost of college education and it’s funding, retirement, divorce, loss of a spouse, terminal illness, sale of a business, concentrated stock positions, taking care of elder parents, to name a few.

We’re proud to be in our 27th year providing wisdom, guidance, and custom solutions to help our clients navigate what their life delivers. We are grateful to be the trusted advisor they rely on in their unique journey.


We have extensive experience with providing financial planning specifically with corporate executives, who often do not have the time nor proclivity overseeing their financial affairs. When professional duty calls, personal issues sometimes must take a back seat to business priorities. By taking on the responsibility of developing, implementing, and monitoring your financial plan, we seek to give you the gift of time so that you may focus on your career and personal life that matters most.

Executives often have complicated investment portfolios that include stock or stock options granted by their employer. 5 Point Financial has the sophistication to handle those concentrated portfolio positions while working with their tax advisor to manage financial issues that arise and their associated tax implications. We also provide an integrated planning approach accounting for corporate benefits, compensation, retirement plans, outside investments, real estate, and other assets. Client satisfaction is our top priority, and meeting times and locations are always flexible to accommodate your schedule.