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Giving Back

“If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up doing nothing for nobody” – Malcolm Bane

At 5 Point Financial, we believe that every gift, no matter how big or small, has the potential to make a difference in our community. We are committed to giving back through volunteering, charitable donations, pro bono engagements, and many other personal ways that allow us to make a lasting impact in our communities. We have integrated “giving back” as part of our culture as a team. Here are some of the organizations and causes that our team is passionate about and benefits from our giving:

Ovarian Cancer.

The Ultimate Goal is a Cure.

We believe research and education must work in tandem to fulfill of women living longer and healthier lives
because cancers are prevented, caught early, or cured.

Help fund cutting edge research to wipe out ovarian cancer and save women’s lives.

Hospital Volunteers

Volunteers Are the Heart of Seattle Children’s

Seattle Children’s mission is to provide hope, care and cures to help every child live the healthiest and most fulfilling life possible. Since we began in 1907, volunteers have supported our efforts to serve our region’s most vulnerable populations. Volunteers are essential to our success, and as such, we bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives in an inclusive environment to support the needs of our patients and families. When you volunteer, you join an impressive team that is the heart of Seattle Children’s.

Create a world without ALS

Free Loans of Medical Equipment

Due to progressive paralysis, ALS patients often need special equipment for their care and comfort. The ALS Association Evergreen Chapter helps maintain a "loan closet" of wheelchairs, walkers, lifting devices, hospital beds, bath, and toilet seats. Durable Medical Equipment can be very expensive. The Evergreen Chapter loans needed equipment FREE OF CHARGE to ALS patients, and so much more. 

Epilepsy Foundation

Our mission is to lead the fight to overcome challenges of living with epilepsy and accelerate therapies to stop seizures, find cures, and save lives.

The Epilepsy Foundation Washington (EFWA) is the principal advocate for the epilepsy community in Washington.

Over 74,600 people in Washington are living with epilepsy or seizure-related conditions.

Epilepsy Foundation Washington (EFWA) is a chapter of the Epilepsy Foundation of America. EFWA works closely with EFA to develop and implement programs and services for people living with epilepsy in Washington.


  • Our mission is to help people in need improve their financial lives by expanding access to pro bono financial planning.
  • We envision a future in which all people can benefit from quality financial advice.

Over the next several years, FFP will continue to award strategic grants focused on addressing the financial toxicity of disease. Our goal is to test, refine, and grow outstanding program models so that this work can be replicated and scaled, eventually helping thousands of families across the country.

"The financial burden of Covid-19 and cancer are alarming and can be catastrophic fir under-served families. My firm is proud to support FPP's effort to help pro bono financial planning to those who need it most."

-Scott Livingston, CFP & Founder, 5 POINT Financial Group

Going Beyond Philanthropy

We are people for whom improving our community is part of our life’s journey – whether we work in the nonprofit or corporate world. 

We are volunteers, parents, community leaders, philanthropists – a global network of local partners connecting passion and purpose. We see the chasm between the challenges we face today as a society, and the scale at which we are engaging those challenges.

And we’re ready to cross that chasm. Together. 

We believe that nothing truly great is accomplished alone. Every person in our network has something to teach and something to learn. We are never satisfied, never settled. We know we have more to give, and that more needs to be done.

Most importantly, we believe it can be.

Where others see insurmountable problems, we see potential.

Washington State Trails Association


As the nation's largest state-based hiking nonprofit organization, Washington Trails Association is the voice for hikers in Washington state. We protect hiking trails and wildlands, take volunteers out to maintain trails, and promote hiking as a healthy, fun way to explore the outdoors.

Where to Hike Now

So many hikes! How do you choose? Take a look at their seasonal recommendations.