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As a successful executive, you have untold demands on your time.

As a successful executive, you have untold demands on your time.

When business calls, your personal issues sometimes take a backseat to your professional priorities. That leaves little time in your demanding schedule to mange your financial affairs. Missing opportunities, or delaying decisions, can have serious consequences down the road. Are you ready?

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Simplifying money by design ®

is the pursuit of financial security to enjoy a fulfilling life lived intentionally.

We believe that lifetime wealth gives families the opportunity to live life intentionally, with purpose, passion and peace of mind. For your life, this can happen for you through a lifelong approach which includes:

Our Process

A trusted advisory team to implement your plan

Our History

Knowing you have a financial life planning process in place and advice you can trust.

Our Values

Constant review and help on your path to lifetime wealth.

Life is a lot more fulfilling when you're part of the 5 POINT family. 

Your anxieties grow smaller and your bright future emerges larger. Our team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING professionals™ will listen to your goals, then help you organize and simplify your money. We’ll set a clear path to reach them and then guide every step along the way. That’s the kind of lifetime security we offer. We would be honored to join you on your financial journey.