Turn to 5 POINT for financial solutions that fit your life.

Turn to 5 POINT for financial solutions that fit your life.

We get it because we're just like you. We understand the competing priorities, the sometimes-hectic pace, and the desire to do it all successfully. In the back of your mind, you probably have nagging financial questions. Perhaps you're wondering if your saving enough for retirement, if you need some guidance with your tax planning, or if your insurance is sufficient. You might worry about what you'll do if something unforeseen happens to your spouse. For all these concerns (and hundreds of others), we can help.

At 5 POINT, our goal is to liberate clients like you from the demands of managing the financial aspects of one's life. We leverage our depth of experience along with state-of-the-art technology, and we apply our caring and thoughtful solutions to devise a strategy to help achieve your goals and ensure your financial well-being. We stay on top of your financial affairs, so you can get on with living your life.

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Simplifying money by design ®

is the pursuit of financial security to enjoy a fulfilling life lived intentionally.

We believe that lifetime wealth gives families the opportunity to live life intentionally, with purpose, passion and peace of mind. For your life, this can happen for you through a lifelong approach which includes:

Our Process

Confidence in having an experienced advisory team to implement, maintain, and adjust your plan.

Our History

Knowing you have a financial life planning process in place and advice you can trust as your life unfolds and your needs evolve.

Our Values

A consistent review process to help you on your path to lifetime income and peace of mind.

Life is a lot more fulfilling when you're part of the 5 POINT family. 

Your CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING professional™ will listen to your goals, help organize and simplify your money, and educate you along the way. We'll set a clear path to reach your lifetime milestones with guidance and tools every step along the way. Process, confidence, and peace of mind are what we aim to offer.